Lombok Reflections July 2015

Poor cousin to Bali yet richly raw

rice fielded grains

spread on plastic sheets

sun-warmed from pure skies

bagged brown gold borne crosswise

on motorbikes to market.

Bricked and mortared buildings spring

from rich larval soils

yet many lie abandoned

burnt out pillars

overtaken by tropical tendrils.

Materialism struggles to gain a foothold on

Rinjani’s  bold green skirts

yet bensin stalls stand sentinel

of its cloying presence by roadside shacks.

Long  abandoned beaches line the shores

where ceaseless waves batter

to their hearts’ content

the flotsam of a thousand silent lives

strewn along the tide mark.

Why so many shoes?

The patterned subdivision of ancient family plots

marked by decaying red brick walls and

tired looking coconuts grazed beneath

by skinny cows all tethered

like their owners to the plot.

Prayer calls ring out

a noise as background as the

singing surf and regular as tides

the only things to mark the march of time

except the ceaseless rise and fall of sun.

What hope here for the sun-browned boy

offering his bracelets to the

half-clad Europeans far from home?

Two worlds meet briefly for material exchange

but neither leaves the richer.

Yet images of God abound

in kindly faces and attentive service

the promise that the Gospel permeate the earth

means even Lombok’s shores shall hear the news.



 Lombok blog pic

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