Easter Reflection

Easter has come and gone again for another year. I must confess to not being a great celebrator of Easter. It is not that I don’t have a great respect for the Easter event itself. It is after all the pivot point of the history of the world. I think it is because of the secularisation of it in the West with eggs and buns and so on. I also think it is because too many Christians make much of Easter as a past event rather than as a present reality.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating and remembering the actual events of the arrest, death and resurrection of Christ, but if that is about all we do with those events then it is little more than a religious rite. How much more effective to allow the events of Easter to be a living reality in our everyday lives. 

What if we celebrated Easter by committing to live in the risen power of Christ each day? What if we allowed the resurrected, death defying life of Christ to be ours through constant replacement with our old life for his? What if we lived as though eternal life was already ours and focused our attention on living an eternity framed existence?

If we did this, then Easter would hardly need to be celebrated once a year because it would be a daily reality. Anyone want to join me?

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