First grandchild

First grandchild

Isaac Nash

A strange feeling to become a grandfather. A sense of real excitement, like when our first son – Samuel was born but different. I know so much more now than I did then. A sense of responsibility to ensure he gets on in life well. Apprehension that his parents may not know what to do – just like us!

Of course as we are 12 hours flight apart, frustration that I still have not seen and held him even though he is now nearly 3 months old . Looking forward to that in a few days though.

Is this what God feels when another of his chosen children respond to his call of grace and enter his family? Of course God has no grandchildren but in some ways a father’s heart shares these same feelings.

As a believer, I wonder about Isaac’s future and can only entrust him to my (and his) Heavenly Father.

“Lord God, King of Creation, accept my grandson Isaac Nash into your family and bless him with a life lived in you and for your glory.”

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